Age groups will be introduced to the following skills and activities during the school year:
•        Calendar – by the second half of the school year
•        Cutting – introduced in play dough and with tubs of scrap paper, etc.
•        Toilet training – follow each child’s lead on this (as recommended by the parents)
•        Hand washing
•        Helping clean up
•        Recognizing their name
•        Putting on coats
•        Cleaning up after snack or lunch
•        Talking about letters, numbers and colors through show and tell and circle/calendar time
•        Correctly holding a pencil or crayon
•        Participating in morning prayer at circle time – share prayer requests
•        Letter recognition – through theme related activities.
•        Numbers 1-10 – Concrete learning experiences through sorting and counting items they can feel and
touch as well as calendar time
•        Colors
•        Sorting and patterning
•        Small motor skills - such as cutting simple designs and shapes, drawing pictures, using small items to   
decorate pictures
•        Language experience – opportunities for the children to dictate stories and experiences on to paper.  
Discussion through show-and-tell.  They will not be “graded” on their performance.
•        Learn address and telephone number
•        Become responsible for hygiene, clothing and personal property
•        Opportunities to pray aloud.

Each part of the curriculum can be developed through a variety of ways.  While all activities are important, drills
and worksheets are not strategies used by the teachers to facilitate learning.  Developmental areas are
important aspects of learning so the curriculum goals and objectives are included in the following areas:

Mental Development
Opportunities provided to help foster cognitive growth and understanding through:
•        Experiences in dramatic play
•        Songs, poems, stories and finger plays
•        Activities encouraging creativity and self-expression through painting, drawing and working with play
Through these experiences, we will be building a foundation of readiness skills in language and math.

Physical Development
Opportunities will be provided for each child to:
•        Develop large motor skills, coordination and balance through indoor and outdoor play
•        Develop a sense of rhythm through movement activities
•        Learn to care for his or her body and to appreciate good health
•        Learn and practice rules of safety

Social Development
Opportunities will be provided that will encourage a child to:
•        Understand home and community
•        Share, take turns, respect rules
•        Practice politeness, thoughtfulness, and cooperation
•        Respect the rights and property of others
•        Learn appropriate expression of emotion

Emotional Development
Efforts will be made to provide a happy, interesting, relaxed and friendly environment that will help the children
•        Accept guidance and authority
•        Develop a positive self image
•        Discover and use socially acceptable behavior patterns
•        Gain a feeling of security and trust from consistent routine

Spiritual Development
This program will help each child experience spiritual growth through:
•        Being nurtured by loving adults who are persons of faith
•        Communicating God’s love in verbal ways
•        Seeing something of God’s greatness as the child hears about and sees God’s creations
•        Associating the love of God with the love received from persons around him/her
•        Regular exposure to prayer, Bible stories, verses and thoughts

The children will bring their own lunch from home.  A mid-morning snack will be provided for them.

Arrival and Pickup Time
Weekday school hours are 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Arrival time should be no sooner than 8:55 a.m. (teachers are preparing their rooms for the day) and no later
than 9:10 a.m.  Prompt arrival contributes in the success of your child’s day.  Tardiness can sometimes be
disruptive to the child and the class.
Important:  No child is permitted to enter the building unless accompanied by an adult.  Dropping off children
unattended will not be permitted.  You cooperation is important to ensure the safety and protection of your child.
It is normal for some children to have difficulty separating from parents or cry when dropped off.  Please make
your drop off brief, the longer you prolong the departure, the harder it gets.  A smile, cheerful good-bye kisses,
and a reassuring word that you will be back is all that is needed.  Children are usually quick to get involved in
play or activities as soon as parents are gone.  Feel free to wait down the hall and if you child is inconsolable;
we will come and get you.  Please give your child some time to adjust to a new environment and allow the
teachers time to help your child become familiar with the room, activities and friends.
Pick-up time is at the end of the school day at 1:00.  After a 10 minute grace period, a late fee will be charged
to your account of $2 for every 5 minutes.  Please contact the Weekday School office as soon as possible
should you be unable to pick up your child on time.  Punctually in collecting your child is very important as your
child worries if he/she is left behind.  Parents who are consistently late picking up their children will receive a
warning.  After the warning, bills for late pick-up will be mailed home.

Messages from home
Please send all messages in writing.  We cannot accept verbal statements of children concerning changes in
carpool (except in emergency cases only).  If your child is going home with another child to visit, please notify
the teacher in writing.  Any person picking up your child will have to be listed on the Weekday Child Care
Release Form on file in the Weekday School office.

Monthly newsletter
Each month a newsletter will be sent home with your child to keep you informed and updated regarding
school events and important information.  Teachers will send home a flier informing you about what your child
will be doing in class for each month.

Dress for Children
Many activities may include clay, painting, magic markers, etc., so please dress you children in clothing that is
easily washed so that they may really enjoy the activities provided.  It is a good idea to leave a change of
clothing at the school for your child in the event of an accidental spill.
Please label all sweaters, coats, bags, etc. to help us assist your child in the care of his/her belongings.

Treasures From Home
Any security blanket or stuffed friend can be brought as needed to get through the day.  Treasures such as
rocks, shells or things from nature can be brought to share with the class as well as books, pictures and
tapes.  “Show and Tell” days will be at the discretion of the teacher.
No guns, knives or war toys, please!
While we do not want to dampen your child’s enthusiasm, we would appreciate it if toys were left a home
unless it is for a special “Show and Tell” days.  Small items such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets that can
become lost easily or toys easily broken should not be brought to school.

Health Issues
A health certificate signed by your physician is required for every child before school starts.  This signed
certificate is a state requirement.  No child may attend school until a current health form is on file in the
Weekday School office.
Parents are asked to cooperate with the school in keeping as healthful a surrounding as possible for the
children.  We ask that you keep your child at home if he or she is sick during the night or in the early morning
with vomiting, diarrhea or a rash.  We also ask that your child be fever free and diarrhea for 24 hours before
returning to the classroom.  For the safety of your child and your child’s classmates, please err on the side of
caution when sending your child back to school after an illness.  If a child is sent to school sick with
symptoms, or becomes ill during the morning, we will contact a parent immediately.  Please be certain that
emergency numbers are correct and up to date on your child’s enrollment form.
Please notify the teacher of a child’s exposure to, or symptoms of, a contagious disease.  We will notify each
class that is affected if a contagious disease is a possibility.
Administering medication while at school will not become a common practice.  We realize that under some
conditions, we would able to administer some medications.  This will be decided after a conference with the
teacher, parent and director.
As a part of our policy of good health care, we will take the children outdoors as often as the weather permits.  
Fresh air and exercise are important to each child’s health.  Please be sure that your child is properly dressed
to play outside based on the weather.

In the event that a child or an adult in the school becomes injured and blood is present, the injured person
must be treated by one of our First Aide Responders.  
All blood related injuries will be handled according to standards put forth by OSHA concerning blood-born
pathogens.  All employees are expected to adhere to this policy with strict consistency.

Monticello UMC Weekday School does not offer insurance coverage for students enrolled in the program.
Parents are required to provide coverage for their children.

Tuition Payment Policies
A yearly registration fee is to accompany the completed application form at the time of enrollment.  Enrollment
for the upcoming school year takes place in February. Registration fees are refundable until June 1 should a
change in enrollment be necessary.
There will be nine (9) monthly tuition payments.  This payment is due on the 1st of the month and considered
late if made after the 10th.  Payments made after this date are considered delinquent will be assessed a $10
late fee (unless prior arrangements have been made with the Director).  Payment may be dropped by the
director’s office or can be mailed to:  Monticello UMC Weekday School Ministries, 308 Island Ford Rd.
Statesville, NC 28625.  
Statements will be mailed only in the case of delinquent payments.  Such accounts will not be carried after 30
days unless prior arrangements are made with the Director. The student will have to re-enroll if the account
has been cancelled.
The Weekday School Ministry operates solely on the funds generated by tuition and fundraisers.  Therefore
prompt payment is necessary to meet payroll, purchase snacks, supplies and equipment.
A service charge of $15 will be charged for any returned check.

Written notice must be given to the Weekday School office 30 days in advance if you need to withdraw your
child.  Otherwise, you will be held responsible for the monthly tuition due.

School Closing Policies
Monticello UMC Weekday School Ministries will follow the Iredell-Statesville School student calendar for
vacation and teacher workdays.
In the event of hazardous road conditions due to snow, ice or extreme cold conditions, the Weekday School
will follow the Iredell-Statesville School closings.  We will make up days missed to the best of our ability.  In
case of inclement weather after school has started, please listen to the radio.  If Iredell-Statesville schools
close early, please come and pick up your child right away.

Make up Days
In the event that school days are missed due to bad weather, days will be made up as scheduled by Iredell-
Statesville schools provided that those days are on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

Discipline Policy
It is the policy of the Weekday School that corporal punishment will not be used for any reason in the
classroom or on the church premises.
The Weekday School staff is trained to set appropriate limits and boundaries to provide for the safety and well
being of each child in their care.  Positive discipline measures will be used to redirect and guide a child’s
behavior.  Positive reinforcement and encouragement will be given to children when their actions exhibit
sincere effort to become a self-disciplined person.

Techniques of behavior management used in the Weekday School include:
•        Positive reinforcement
•        Ignoring unproductive behavior that is not destructive to people or property
•        Redirecting children to other areas of the room or to new activities
•        Withdrawal of privileges such as block area, art area, sand box, etc.
•        Time out
By using these techniques, boys and girls learn to redirect their energy into constructive outlets and learn to
take responsibility for their own actions.

At no time will hand slapping, name calling or yelling be used as a punishment.  Nor will the child be kept from
the bathroom, snack time or lunch.
The Weekday School reserves the right to dismiss a child whose behavior is consistently disruptive and/or is
harmful to others or him/herself.  Every effort will be made to work with each child’s individual needs.  The
Director and the classroom teacher will effectively communicate with the parents if there is a potential problem.

Biting Policy
When a child bites, hits or pushes, or uses any other aggressive behavior, it is our policy to follow the
procedure below:

1.        The aggressive behavior is stopped with a sharp and firm NO!
2.        The aggressor is addressed immediately with a firm “No biting.  It hurts when you bite.  We don’t
  bite our friends.”  The aggressor may be given a few minutes away from the group in time out or “a
  thinking chair” or the help of this child may be enlisted to help comfort the child who has been hurt.
3.        The teacher will turn his/her attention to the child that has been hurt by reassuring the child.  The injured
  area is to be washed with soap and water.
4.        Both children are given more acceptable ways of dealing with the situation.  The aggressor is taught to
  use words to communicate with classmates and friends.  The victim is taught that it is okay to say “No, I
  don’t like that,” or to respond in an appropriate way.
5.        In case of an aggressive bite, a behavior report will be filled out by the teacher and filed with the
  Weekday School office, and the teacher will make an attempt to contact the parents of both children
  before pick-up time.

We find it is also very important to have consistency between the home and the school on methods of
handling these types of problems as you the parent are one of our best resources when dealing with your
The name of the biter shall remain confidential.  His/her parents will be notified.
The parents of the child bitten will always be informed.
If biting becomes a habit at school, after discussion with the parents, the child will be sent home from school
when biting incidents occur.  In extreme cases the Weekday School reserves the right to ask the child not to
return to school for a predetermined length of time so the child can mature and hopefully reenter the
classroom smoothly.

Appropriate Conduct
Monticello UMC Weekday School is a Christian environment and we appreciate parental participation in the
classrooms so it is important that all adults, teachers and parents alike, model a Christ-like behavior on the
church premises and at all times when involved with the children.   
Young children will imitate what they are exposed to, especially what they see and hear from adults who are
important in their lives.  For this reason, we ask that no negative comments about anybody be made in the
presence of others.  If you have concerns, please contact your child’s teacher, or the Director, privately.  While
this may sound like common sense, it is also important that all adults are treated respectfully at all times as

Monticello UMC is a smoke-free environment.  The use of tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs is not allowed in
the building or on the play ground.  Thank you for your cooperation in making this a loving and nurturing
environment for the children to learn.

Grievance Policy
The Weekday School wants to work together to meet the needs of the children in this ministry.  Knowing that
parents may at times have concerns regarding aspects of the program, the administration, teaching staff,
policies, or operating procedures, a system has been established to provide for this communication to take
If a parent has an individual teacher/class- related concern, he or she should seek resolution by contacting:  
First, the teacher; Second the Director; Third, the chairperson of the Weekday School committee, should the
director be unable to satisfactorily address the concern.
If a parent has a concern related to the Weekday School policies, the administration of the program and/or
operating procedures, he or she should seek resolution by contacting:  First, the director; Second, the
chairperson of the Weekday School committee, should the director be unable to satisfactorily address the

Guidelines for Parties
The following occasions have been designated as times for classroom celebrations throughout the school
year.  A sign-up sheet will be placed in each classroom for those who are interested in helping or conducting
the parties through the year.
Harvest Party                              Valentines Day
Corn cake Feast                        Easter
Christmas                                   End of the Year

Please follow these guidelines when planning the party:
•        Parties are to be from 12:00 – 1:00, unless lunch is provided at the party then the party may begin at 11:30
•        Please talk to the teacher regarding food allergies children may have so that all children may participate  
fully in any celebration
•        Please keep all parties simple and age appropriate
•        No goody bags are needed
•        One small dessert is appropriate (cupcake, cookie, ice cream)
•        Juice or water to drink
•        Minimal candy
•        Simple games or activities are fun but not necessary
•        We request that there be no collection of money from parents for parties
•        Plan parties for after lunch or combined with lunch if appropriate
•        Parents are asked not to serve popcorn or hard candy due to the hazard of choking
•        Please do not send in balloons, latex or mylar, for parties or birthdays.  Balloons are recognized as
one of the most dangerous choking hazards that can occur.
•        Parents who are coordinating the party are asked to set up and assist in the celebration and cleanup.
If you are just supplying some of the refreshment, you may bring them in the morning.

The Weekday School does not support End of the Year festivities that include graduation ceremonies or caps
and gowns.  The teachers are welcome to give certificates of participation although the words graduation or
promotion should not be used.